Our Approach

Our Vision

We want to help bring traction to the local food movement that is happening around the world and strengthen the relationship between farmer and consumer.

Our Story

Our Story

Tired of city living and craving a big outdoors space, Karla and Nick began looking for a new home.  There were setbacks and disappointments as every home they showed interest in kept slipping through their hands.  With each new home they looked at, they noticed that they wanted more land.   When they had all but lost hope, they stumbled upon a house that sat on 10 acres in the outskirts of the small town of Terrell.  The house had fallen into disrepair and the land hand been neglected, but they saw the potential and a new dream emerged.  It all began with lavender.  They wanted to grow lavender and bring the land back to life.

After overcoming a few obstacles, they got the house, quickly packed up their two dogs, Lola and Creasy, and moved out to Terrell.  When they got to their new home, they realized they wanted more than just lavender.  They wanted a farm and bring people back to the idea of farm to table.

Meet the Team

The farm wouldn't run without the help of our wonderful team!



Founder & Chicken Lady

Originally from Houston, she has made her home in Terrell.  As a young girl she always said she would have a farm and now that dream is becoming a reality.

Karla has become a chicken enthusiast and currently working on expanding her chicken business.



Founder & Bee Man

Nick grew up in a suburb of Dallas, moving around until he finally landed in Terrell.  Since childhood, he has been interested in everything nature related and now has 10 acres to explore.


Leo & Bailey


Leo & Bailey are in charge of keeping the Egg Production Department secure at all times.  They also patrol the perimeter of the land (and sometimes the neighbors) to make sure everyone is safe.

They are both of Pyrenees and Anatolian descent and their favorite food is chicken poop.


The Flock

Egg Production Department

The Egg Production Department, headed by the foreman, Max the rooster, is in its second year of production.  With the egg demand skyrocketing, they have been hard at work keeping up with sales.  They are in the process of bringing on new employees.

Can you spot the queen?

The Bees

The Advancement of Plant Population Department, The Nectar Processing Department

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At this time, we have 7 young trainees on an 8-10 week Security training held by Leo & Bailey. Bailey hopes they will graduate soon.